Online MIT Great Glass Pumpkin Patch

This year, a group of Glass Lab instructors has worked hard to create an Online MIT Great Glass Pumpkin Patch. Between early last October and this March when MIT students were all sent home and the lab shut down, the staff and students made about 450 glass pumpkins, or roughly 25% of our usual yearly inventory. All of these pumpkins will be in an online gallery at and available for purchase, starting Saturday, October 24th at 12:00 noon, and until Monday, October 26th at 8:00 PM. This link is not live yet, but will be sometime in the next week so that customers may familiarize themselves with the site. However the pumpkins will not appear until noon on October 24th, at which point all the pumpkins will appear and the sale will commence.

How this will work: All pumpkins will have a listed sale price as they do at the regular sale on Kresge Oval. This is not an auction.  All of the pumpkins are one-of-a-kind, so there is only one of each item. The size of each pumpkin can be approximated by comparison with a ruler that appears in each photograph next to each pumpkin. All of the pumpkins will be released for sale at the same time, at the start of the sale. All sales are first-come-first-served; pumpkins will become unavailable when a payment transaction for that pumpkin has been completed.

Shipping: All pumpkins will be shipped via FedEx Ground from MIT. The cost of shipping will be added to the sale price of the pumpkin(s) you buy. Due to the complexity and expense of overseas shipping, we regret that we must limit shipping to the Continental United States.

Return policy: Consistent with our live sale policy, there are no returns on pumpkins except in the case of a serious structural defect such as a crack or very sharp surface. Please shop thoughtfully and carefully. In the unfortunate event that your pumpkin should arrive defective or broken, we will replace it free of charge with one as similar in size, color and shape, as possible.

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