Intra-CREATE grants awarded to support research on personalized medicine and cell therapy

CAMP (Researchers from Critical Analytics for Manufacturing Personalized-Medicine), an interdisciplinary research group at SMART (Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology), MIT's research enterprise in Singapore, have been awarded Intra-CREATE grants from the National Research Foundation (NRF) Singapore to help support research on retinal biometrics for glaucoma progression and neural cell implantation therapy for spinal cord injuries. 

The first research project awarded a grant seeks to establish first principles-founded and statistically confident models of glaucoma progression in patients. Through retinal biomechanics the models will enable rapid and reliable forecast of the rate and trajectory of glaucoma progression, leading to better targeted treatments.

The second seeks to design a combined scaffold and neural cell implantation therapy for spinal cord injury treatment that is safe, efficacious and reproducible, paving the way forward for similar neural cell therapies for other neurological disorders. The project, an intersection of engineering and health, will achieve its goals through an enhanced biological understanding of the regeneration process of nerve tissue and optimised engineering methods to prepare cells and biomaterials for treatment.

SMART CAMP, at which DMSE Professor Krystyn Van Vliet is co-lead Principal Investigator, was formed in 2019 to focus on ways to produce living cells as medicine delivered to humans to treat a range of illnesses and medical conditions, including tissue degenerative diseases, cancer, and autoimmune disorders.

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