3.155/6.152: The first undergraduate users of MIT.nano

Last semester, MIT undergraduates completed the first-ever term of coursework done in MIT.nano. 3.155/6.152 (Micro/Nano Processing Technology) was co-sponsored by DMSE and EECS and co-taught by Jurgen Michel with 25 undergraduate and nine graduate students from seven different departments. The students learned nanofabrication by using research space and equipment throughout MIT.nano to make solar cells, MEMS cantilever beams, and microfluidic devices.

The course was overhauled in 2017 to become more student-driven with an added element of creativity where students get to design and build their own devices. Jorg Scholvin, assistant director for user services at MIT.nano, emphasizes the importance of teaching the students not only how to run the equipment, but how to work safely and effectively in a cleanroom and to understand the theoretical background of the fabrication equipment.

Watch this video for more on what they were able to accomplish using MIT.nano equipment:

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