2020 Kavanaugh Fellows Competition is open

This fellowship supports one year of translational research for either a senior graduate student or a postdoc who is interested in commercializing their materials-based technology as an entrepreneur when they leave MIT. This program is specifically intended for technologies that are materials based. Students from the Department of Materials Science and Engineering or working with faculty affiliates of the Materials Research Laboratory are encouraged to apply. Others with relevant technologies may apply with permission from the Director.

The recipient(s) will be selected by a competitive application process and will receive one full year of funding, with the intent of completely liberating the recipient to do whatever is needed to make their entrepreneurial launch most successful. The ideal applicant will have done some preliminary work on commercialization in partnership with one of our campus mentoring programs such as Translational Fellows, iTEAMS, VMS, Sandbox, etc., but if you can make a strong case for yourself we are also open to other applicants.

If you wish to apply, the first step would be to submit a one to two-page white paper through the Fellowship's website. The deadline is September 21. The white paper should outline your project, progress so far, and what you would hope to accomplish with a year of dedicated time. If you are a graduate student, your faculty advisor will also be asked to send a quick sentence or two confirming that this project is aligned with your thesis and will not substantively change your time to degree. These proposals will undergo a review, and we will let you know if you have been selected to present to the final selection committee later this fall.

Please reach out directly to Heather Upshaw at hupshaw@mit.edu if you have any questions about this opportunity.

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