Student wins Broshy Graduate Fellowship

Philipp Simons received this IMES Graduate Fellowship and will be joining Professor Rupp's group. 

"The Broshy Graduate Fellowship program aims to support the research and education of an exceptional graduate student whose work focuses on a novel, interdisciplinary project that has a good likelihood of being translated into an innovative commercial product and/or service that positively impacts healthcare outcomes and cost. 

 "You will conduct your project, An All-Solid-State Glucose Micro Fuel Cell as an Implantable Power Source for the Human Body, and your faculty advisor will be Jennifer Rupp.

"The applications were very competitive this year, and the review committee, with permission of the donor, is awarding your fellowship as well as a runner-up award.  Therefore, the fellowship award will be $40,000 for the one year period of June 1, 2018 through May 31, 2019.  The award can support your stipend, tuition, and research.  We will work with your administrative team to coordinate this support."

Read the press release here!

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