New research center based in Minnesota to explore spintronics materials for advanced computing

Newswise — MINNEAPOLIS / ST. PAUL (11/13/2018) — The University of Minnesota College of Science and Engineering announced today that it will lead and house a new $10.3 million Center for Spintronic Materials in Advanced Information Technologies (SMART) focused on novel materials for advanced computing systems over the next four years.  

“Driven by the needs of well-defined next-generation computing architectures and paradigms, SMART is a materials-focused research center that also incorporates development of spintronic devices and measurement techniques,” said SMART Associate Director Caroline Ross, Toyota Professor of Materials Science and Engineering at MIT. 

SMART research will focus on advanced spintronic materials research in three classes that have shown exceptional promise in recent years: novel spin-orbit torque materials, ultra-low loss spin-wave materials, and magneto-ionic materials. 

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