ILP Conference in Japan 2018: Jennifer Rupp

Jennifer Rupp's presentation at the 2018 ILP Conference in Japan.

Engineering Ceramic and Glass-Materials for Energy Storage, Sensing and Computing

The next generation of energy storage, sensors and neuromorphic computer logics in electronics rely largely on solving fundamental questions of mass and charge transport of ionic carriers and defects in materials and their structures. Here, understanding the defect kinetics in the solid state material building blocks and their interfaces with respect to lattice, charge carrier types and interfacial strains are the prerequisite to design novel energy storage, sensing and computing functions. Through this presentation basic theory and model experiments for solid state oxides their impedances and memristance, electro-chemo-mechanics and lattice strain modulations is being discussed as a new route for engineering material and properties on the examples of solid state batteries, environmental CO2 sensors and memristors for memory and neuromorphic computing chips. Central are the making of new oxide film materials components, and manipulation of the charge carrier transfer and defect chemistry (based on ionic and electronic carriers), which alter directly the device performances and new operation metrics.