Displaying Futures Award by Merck: Novel Biomedical Electrochemical Device to Power Implants in Humans

Professor Jennifer Rupp, together with graduate student Philipp Simons and Dr. Kunjoong Kim, have won the 2018 Displaying Futures Award by Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany for their research "On-chip all-solid-state glucose micro fuel cell for energy harvesting in the human body." ​​Every year, the EMD Displaying Futures Award is offered to teams doing research in a field related to their Performance Materials units. At the beginning of the year they announce the focus area and open their application platform to those researchers courageous enough to take the challenge.​​

"This was the first time that we went into the biomedical field like this," says Prof. Rupp. "We proposed new electrochemistry device artchitectures to avoid the use of batteries when powering implants like pacemakers, sensors, and bioceuticals, which normally need replacement surgery every two years and have a 10% chance of complications." Professor Rupp is excited to have been selected as a winner by Merck for a subject she only recently began researching here at MIT. 

Read the announcement here!

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