2018 Ross Coffin Purdy Award

Ross Coffin Purdy, in whose honor this award is given, served The American Ceramic Society for 24 years as General Secretary and Editor of its publications. He was the recipient of many awards, a Fellow and Honorary Life Member, and President of the Society. Mr. Purdy was noted for his dynamic leadership, individualism, broad vision, and unswerving devotion to the Society and to the ceramic engineering profession.

The Purdy award shall be given to the author or authors who, in the judgment of the committee, made the most valuable contribution to ceramic technical literature published two years prior to the selection year. The 2018 Purdy award will be given to the author(s) of a paper published in 2016

Professor Bilge Yildiz was part of a team that won the Ross Coffin Purdy award for 2018 for their paper, "Improved chemical and electrochemical stability of pervskite oxides with less reducible cations at the surface" which was published in Nature Materials vol 15 pages 1010-1016 (2016). 

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