Engineer, Pianist, Global Citizen: Senior Tiffany Yeh explores health care and poverty through working abroad, and cultivates her love of music while at home.

DMSE Senior Tiffany Yeh is making her mark as a medical materials engineer. As an undergraduate, Yeh has immersed herself in materials science research to improve the ways drugs penetrate cancerous tumors. She has also nurtured her love of the piano and exposed herself to new experiences through internships around the world.

“During my time at MIT I traveled every summer and every IAP [Independent Activities Period], because from the beginning I had a big interest in international development, and getting to know different cultures, and exploring health care and poverty through working abroad,” she says. “None of this was planned from the start — my path has been like a bumblebee’s — but I realized that a lot of my interests centered on global health and health technologies, and eventually I started looking more at the policy side, as well as the education side.”

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