Deshpande Center and J-WAFS announce fall 2017 research grants

The MIT Deshpande Center for Technological Innovation announced today the award of $768,000 in grants to 17 MIT research teams currently working on early-stage technologies. DMSE-related projects include:

"Structured Nucleic Acid Nanoparticle Therapeutic Delivery Platform" — Mark Bathe, Darrell Irvine, and Feng Zhang with Remi Veneziano and Matthew Stone

"Solid-State Color Pixel for E-Paper Displays" — Geoff Beach with Mantao Huang

"Active Structural Batteries" (renewal from 2016) — Angela Belcher with Alan Ransil

"Local Drug Delivery for Facilitating Expedited Urinary Stone Passage" — Michael Cima with Christopher Lee and Brian Eisner

"Digital 3-D Printing of Microparticles" — John Hart with Justin Beroz and Ulrich Muecke

Photo looking up from beneath the sculpture titled Alchemist.

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