Shaymus Hudson Joins DMSE's Teaching Staff

Shaymus Hudson, a DMSE undergraduate from 2012 and a 2016 PhD in materials science & engineering from WPI, is starting today as a Technical Instructor and manager of the Laboratory for Physical Metallurgy (i.e. furnaces in 13-5016, metallography in 4-421, and instrons in 8-241). He is filling the role previously held by Ike Feitler. Shaymus’s PhD research revolved around in-situ laser induced breakdown spectroscopy on molten aluminum. While a graduate student, he was also the laboratory manager for the Advanced Casting Research Center at WPI.

Shaymus will be sitting in 6-112 with the rest of the teaching staff, and his email is

Please join us in welcoming Shaymus to the team, we are very excited to have him working with us!

Shaymus Hudson, Technical Instructor and Manager of the Laboratory for Physical Metallurgy

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