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MIT Startup Exchange is a web community for the MIT innovation ecosystem, particularly MIT ILP's members, MIT-connected startups and all MIT employees or alumni who have active startup engagements.

We currently list 1000+ MIT-connected startups in various stages of development. Some are acquired by other companies. We aim to grow but also to refine and curate that list to always reflect only true, active, emerging startups, with an archive of all historical startups retrievable through advanced search

Since 2009, MIT ILP arranged some 200+ one-to-one meetings between MIT ILP member companies and MIT-connected startups. Some startups are particularly popular, due to the excitement around their technology, their estimated trajectory, or the strong background of their founders (including their MIT connections).

172 MIT Faculty, or about 10 percent, are prolific, serial entrepreneurs, when we take into account tenured and untenured faculty. Some Faculty have founded or co-founded more than 30 startups, and many have contributed to founding two or more startups throughout their careers.


Facts & Statistics

  • The startup ecosystem around the Kendall Square area on the edge of MIT’s campus in Cambridge, MA, is without a doubt one of the most vibrant hubs in the world.
  • Because it is driven by research-based innovation from MIT, it is more technologically diverse than other startup hotspots.
  • Many startups that spin out of MIT represent hybrid innovations, in that they combine various technologies in novel ways, notably hardware and software.
  • Nearly three quarters of startup companies in the Boston area are engaged in manufacturing or have plans to begin manufacturing, according to Silicon Valley Bank 2013 Startup Outlook (p.26).
  • According to the MIT Entrepreneurial Impact Report 2011: 

    -MIT alumni have founded 33,000+ companies 

    -Those companies represent some 3.3 million jobs 

    -They make up a combined $2 trillion in annual world sales (equivalent to the 11th largest economy in the world) 


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