Registration Limits

Students holding research assistantships may register for no more than 39 non-thesis units each fall or spring semester; this limitation will nevertheless allow them to take the two core subjects and one restricted elective subject in each of the first two semesters. Research assistants must, however, obtain the permission of their advisors to register for more than two core subjects each semester. Students holding fellowships are not bound by either restriction.

Teaching assistants register for 3.693-3.699 Teaching Materials Science and Engineering (12 units), for which they are graded based on their teaching performance, and are further restricted to 27 units of additional coursework each term the teaching assistantship is held.

Foreign Language

There is no foreign language requirement for the doctorate in this Department. Students who wish to study a foreign language may use appropriate classes to satisfy the Minor Requirement. Degree Candidates for whom English is a second language should take great care to ensure that their thesis is written with acceptable English grammar. Thesis supervisors and committee members should not have to take significant time to correct pervasive grammatical errors, but rather focus their attention on thesis content.