Grad program modifications due to the COVID-19 situation

Graduate Written Exam 2020

After discussions with the core instructors and consultation with MIT’s Committee on Graduate Programs, DMSE will proceed as follows for the students who were scheduled to take the General Written Examination (GWE) this year:

  • The exam scheduled for June 3rd will not be held.
  • Instead, a GWE grade will be assigned based on the results of the core classes: the grades assigned in the Fall classes, and the PE/NE grades received in the ongoing Spring classes.
  • If a student passes (with any letter grade) all four core classes, the student will get a Pass for the GWE.
  • If a student passes two or more of the four core classes, the student will get a conditional pass for the GWE. For the classes in which a student had difficulties, the material will be revisited later on, in a way to be determined.