Graduate Program

DMSE graduate students explore, excel, and collaborate within a convivial, rigorous learning environment. While exceptionally talented candidates are drawn to MIT for its unsurpassed reputation, many cite the powerful sense of warmth, enthusiasm, and intellectual exuberance on campus as the deciding factor in their choice to enroll.

Due to the breadth of the field – and the interdisciplinary nature of the department – our graduate students are free and encouraged to pursue diverse research initiatives that align with their ambitions and expand their knowledge. In classes, they not only gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of the fundamentals of materials science, but also acquire the skills they need to direct and enrich their own learning. Because the challenges graduate students encounter in DMSE are both complex and consequential, they collaborate on meaningful projects with substantial potential impact for the field and society. After graduation, alumni continue to drive advances that benefit people everywhere as scientists, educators, and professional leaders.