Undergraduate Thesis

Preparation of the undergraduate thesis proposal is the first formal step in satisfying the undergraduate thesis requirement. The purpose of the thesis proposal is to achieve an acceptable, clearly written definition of the scope and work plan for the thesis. This planning is to be done in the term prior to the term in which the thesis is due.

Specifications for Proposal


The thesis proposal must contain (but is not restricted to) the following items:

  • Title;
  • Introduction, explaining background material and establishing a need for the proposed research;
  • Statement of objectives, specifically what the intended direction and scope will be;
  • Work Plan, showing the experimental and/or theoretical plan for achieving the objectives; and
  • Author's and thesis advisor's names.


The proposal should consist of two to three typewritten pages.

Submission Date

The proposal must be submitted no later than the last day of classes of the fall term for students intending to graduate at the end of the spring term, or the last day to register of the fall term for students intending to graduate the following February.

Submission Procedure

Proposals should be submitted via email to the DMSE Undergraduate Administrative Assistant or hardcopy in 6-107.

Review Procedure

Proposals will be sent out for review by the thesis advisor or other faculty member, and comments will be returned to the author.


The UROP program was started by Dean Margaret MacVicar, a DMSE alumna.