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DMSE Administration

Prof. Jeff Grossman, Department Head (617) 324-3566

Prof. Caroline A. Ross, Assoc. Head (617) 258-0223

Magdalena Rieb, DMSE Administrative Officer

Kariuki Thande, DMSE Senior Financial Officer

Kevin Rogers, DMSE Facilities Manager

Casey Johnson, DMSE Human Resources Administrator

Ryan Kendall, DMSE Headquarters Assistant (617) 258-9790

DMSE Student Resources

Prof. Frances Ross, Chair of the Graduate Committee 

Prof. James LeBeau, Chair of the Undergraduate Committee

Angelita Mireles, Graduate Academic Administrator (617) 253-3302

Graduate Administrative Assistant

Rebecca Shepardson, Undergraduate Academic Administrator


Graduate Admissions inquiries

Department of Materials Science and Engineering
77 Massachusetts Ave.
Cambridge , Massachusetts, 02139
P: (617) 253-3300