Venture Capital Internship at The Engine


The Engine provides a hands on and educational paid internship experience for students to learn the inner workings of venture capital.

Venture capital is best learned through apprenticeship, by being immersed in the process with directed mentorship. During this internship, you will gain real world experience working closely within the team at The Engine. Time will be spent learning how to evaluate potential new investments, as well as supporting our existing portfolio companies.  In addition, you’ll get to work on other parts of the Engine that are designed to support founders: partnerships, programs, and labs.


You are an:
MBA student with an engineering/science background, VC experience, and/or start-up experience,
Engineering/Science PhD or SM candidate, or
Engineering BS candidate in their senior year

You must commit to a full academic year of eight to twelve hours a week starting in October.

Strong teams are diverse teams, so we highly encourage all types of people to apply. Especially if you do not think you look like a typical venture capitalist. We need more of you!

Send a copy of your resume and a description of why you want to be involved to
Application due September 18, 2017.

Opportunity Type: 

  • Internship
Each DMSE grad is presented with a bronze medallion, in the shape of the MIT seal. The medallions are cast by a team of student volunteers who work in the DMSE Foundry.