A postdoctoral position is available at GWW School of Mechanical Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology in the area of atomic level simulation of materials.  Please post with your job announcements.

The postdoctoral researcher is primarily expected to work on developing Kinetic Monte Carlo simulations of the growth and morphology of oxide particles.  In addition, the researcher is expected to have knowledge of molecular dynamics and ab initio methods. The selected candidate will work with Dr. Chaitanya Deo at Georgia Institute of Technology on a project funded by Savannah River National Laboratory to develop morphological and physicochemical properties of oxalate and oxide production.  The project will provide a better understanding of crystallization and calcination dynamics at plant-scale operating conditions.  A multi-scale modeling approach will provide the most accurate description of the crystallization and agglomeration phenomena for the plutonium oxalate precipitation process and of the calcination mechanism. 

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