Chipman Room

To reserve this room, please use the online request form.

Room Style: Adjustable
Room Capacity:

  1. Boardroom Style: 24
  2. Classroom Style: 24-30
  3. Lecture Style: 78
  4. Open (standing): 125


  • VGA and HDMI wall plugs | VGA(f) -> Mini Display(m) dongle.
  • Projector, screen, and sound system.
  • Translucent and blackout window shades.
  • White board and markers. 

The Chipman Room is available for weekly or bi-weekly Departmental committee meetings or non-repeating events such as a thesis defense or seminar. Research group meetings are permitted after 5pm and may only be reserved on a semester by semster basis. First priority will be given to Departmental related meetings and events. The Department reserves the right to cancel any reservation up until one day prior to the event if a pressing Departmental need arises. The room contains a projection system and a whiteboard.

The normal Chipman Room hours are 9:00 a.m. to 5 p.m. Outside of these hours the room is typically locked for security purposes. If you need to use the room outside the normal business hours you will need to pick up a key from the DMSE Headquarters (Room 6-113) a day in advance. If you will be using the room later in the evening, it is your responsibility to make sure that the room is locked at the end of your event and the key is returned the following morning.

Reserving the Chipman Room does not include use of the adjacent kitchen, which is used by members of the DMSE community. Tables may be stored in that space.

DMSE Headquarters has an additional conference room (Room 6-103) which may also be reserved.


Each DMSE grad is presented with a bronze medallion, in the shape of the MIT seal. The medallions are cast by a team of student volunteers who work in the DMSE Foundry.