Reserve a Room

Please use the following form to reserve a room. The room is not considered reserved until you receive a confirmation message. Responses will not be immediate and may take up to 24 hours. Responses will only be provided during normal working hours.

DMSE asks that the rooms are returned to their original configuration, trash and leftover food is disposed of properly, and areas are cleaned as necessary. Users will be charged for a MIT Facilities cleaning fee if the room is not properly cleaned.

Please note: reserving the Chipman Room does not automatically reserve the adjoining kitchen. If kitchen facilities are needed for catering please make note in the reservation form below.

Please indicate the set up of your event. Note that your organization is responsible for setting up the room and restoring it to its original configuration. Please allow enough time in your reservation to allow for set up and clean up.
Please indicate if this is a repeating event.
If this is a repeating event, please list the additional dates and times here.
If this event requires catering, this field must be completed.
If you selected other for audience, please provide additional details here.