Lab for Engineering Materials

Billing Structure

The LEM includes a variety of prototyping and machining equipment available to DMSEĀ  for fabrication of experimental equipment, sample preparation, and general machining needs.

Parts of the LEM:


  • Mills and Lathes: $15 per hour, in half hour increments

  • Universal Laser Cutter: $20 per hour, in half hour increments

  • Dimension 1200 BST 3D Printer: $12 per cu in of material (model and support material combined).

  • Formlabs Form1+ Printer: $0.25 per mL of material printed. $0.50 per mL for Castable or Flexible resins.


  • OMAX Water Jet Cutter: $2 per cutting minute

There will be a 50% additional charge for assisted use and for training. There will be an additional 60.5% overhead charge for personal or non-MIT use. Outside use can be paid via checks payable to MIT, and invoices for outside charges can be issued once a month.

Please contact Shaymus Hudson or with any questions regarding training, lab access, maintenance, supplies, equipment reservations and scheduling, supplies, et cetera.

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