Simulations of polymer solutions: A field-theoretic approach

TitleSimulations of polymer solutions: A field-theoretic approach
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2003
AuthorsAlexander-Katz, A, Moreira, AG, Fredrickson, GH
EditorCase, F, Alexandridis, P
Book TitleMesoscale Phenomena in Fluid Systems
Pagination279 - 289

We used field-theoretic simulations to study the equilibrium behavior of polymers in a good solvent confined to a slit of width L. In particular, we obtained density profiles across the slit for different values of the monomer excluded volume over a wide range of concentrations C. We also obtained mean field results for the profiles. The effective correlation length xi(eff) was calculated from the density profiles and compared to the mean field result (valid in the limit of high concentrations). For small excluded volume parameters we found that xi(eff) is well described by the mean field result, while for larger excluded volume interaction the correlation length shows a C-3/4 scaling behavior, which is compatible with the behavior expected for this system in the semi-dilute regime. (C) 2003 American Chemical Society.