Room Temperature Multiferroicity of Charge Transfer Crystals

TitleRoom Temperature Multiferroicity of Charge Transfer Crystals
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsQin, W, Chen, X, Li, H, Gong, M, Yuan, G, Grossman, JC, Wuttig, M, Ren, S
JournalAcs Nano
Pagination9373 - 9379
Date Published2015/09//

Room temperature multiferroics has been a frontier research field by manipulating spin-driven ferroelectricity or charge-order-driven magnetism. Charge-transfer crystals based on electron donor and acceptor assembly, exhibiting simultaneous spin ordering, are drawing significant interests for the development of all-organic magnetoelectric multiferroics. Here, we report that a remarkable anisotropic magnetization and room temperature multiferroicity can be achieved through assembly of thiophene donor and fullerene acceptor. The crystal motif directs the dimensional and compositional control of charge-transfer networks that could switch magnetization under external stimuli, thereby opening up an attractive class of all-organic nanoferronics.