Roles for Innate Immunity in Combination Immunotherapies

TitleRoles for Innate Immunity in Combination Immunotherapies
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsMoynihan, KD, Irvine, DJ
JournalCancer Research
Pagination5215 - 5221
Date Published2017/10/01/
ISBN Number0008-5472
Keywordsactivation, antibodies, antitumor-activity, breast-cancer, cancer-immunotherapy, dendritic cells, efficacy, natural-killer-cells, open-label, regulatory t-cells

Immunity to infectious agents involves a coordinated response of innate and adaptive immune cells working in concert, with many feed-forward and regulatory interactions between both arms of the immune system. In contrast, many therapeutic strategies to augment immunity against tumors have focused predominantly on stimulation of adaptive immunity. However, a growing appreciation of the potential contributions of innate immune effectors to antitumor immunity, especially in the context of combination immunotherapy, is leading to novel strategies to elicit a more integrated immune response against cancer. Here we review antitumor activities of innate immune cells, mechanisms of their synergy with adaptive immune responses against tumors, and discuss recent studies highlighting the potential of combination therapies recruiting both innate and adaptive immune effectors to eradicate established tumors. (C) 2017 AACR.

Short TitleCancer Res.