Pressure-tuned spin and charge ordering in an itinerant antiferromagnet

TitlePressure-tuned spin and charge ordering in an itinerant antiferromagnet
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsFeng, Y, Jaramillo, R, Srajer, G, Lang, JC, Islam, Z, Somayazulu, MS, Shpyrko, OG, Pluth, JJ, Mao, HK, Isaacs, ED, Aeppli, G, Rosenbaum, TF
Date Published2007/09/28/
ISBN Number0031-9007
KeywordsAntiferromagnetism, Charge Density Waves, Cr, Pressure, Spin Density Waves, X-Ray Scattering

Elemental chromium orders antiferromagnetically near room temperature, but the ordering temperature can be driven to zero by applying large pressures. We combine diamond anvil cell and synchrotron x-ray diffraction techniques to measure directly the spin and charge order in the pure metal at the approach to its quantum critical point. Both spin and charge order are suppressed exponentially with pressure, well beyond the region where disorder cuts off such a simple evolution, and they maintain a harmonic scaling relationship over decades in scattering intensity. By comparing the development of the order parameter with that of the magnetic wave vector, it is possible to ascribe the destruction of antiferromagnetism to the growth in electron kinetic energy relative to the underlying magnetic exchange interaction.