Optimized Design of an Iron Electrowinning Cell

TitleOptimized Design of an Iron Electrowinning Cell
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsLavelaine, H, Allanore, A
JournalRevue De Metallurgie-Cahiers D Informations Techniques
Pagination460 - 471
Date Published2009/10//

In development of the electrolyses technique for iron, the cell-design step is crucial to ensure that the results obtained on smaller experiments are scaled-up to industrial size. Design criteria, based on the theorem of the process is the treatment of a multiphase electrolyte, a genuine breakthrough for electroextraction process. Each of the unit-operations necessary to obtain the separation of the iron and oxygen from iron oxide are depicted together with the corresponding physical limitations and available technologies. Optimal solutions to obtain uniform and steady variation of each of the involved phenomena can be readily deduced from this approach and a cell-design is proposed.