Multidimensional Targeting: Using Physical and Chemical Forces in Unison

TitleMultidimensional Targeting: Using Physical and Chemical Forces in Unison
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsVan Lehn, RC, Sing, CE, Chen, H, Alexander-Katz, A
JournalCurrent Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
Pagination320 - 332
Date Published2010/06//

Targeted drug delivery has traditionally relied on finding highly specific biochemical markers at a target location. However, recent developments in this area have shown that purely physical and physicochemical factors are as important and can be used to aid in the targeting process. Here, we review the physicochemical factors affecting the targeting and delivery process and their relation to established biochemical markers. We refer to this combined approach as multidimensional targeting (MDT). More specifically, we examine the role of MDT factors across different length scales of relevance to the drug delivery pathway. Finally, we conclude with our perspective on the future of this burgeoning area.