Metamorphic transistors: Building blocks for hetero-integrated circuits

TitleMetamorphic transistors: Building blocks for hetero-integrated circuits
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsLee, KE, Fitzgerald, EA
JournalMrs Bulletin
Pagination210 - 217
Date Published2016/03//
ISBN Number0883-7694
Keywordsgaas, gan, hemts, in0.53ga0.47as moshemts, inp, mhemts, mocvd, performance, si, substrate

Metamorphic epitaxy offers the possibility of growing devices on wafers composed of different materials that might be larger than the native bulk substrates for a potential cost-reduction of III-V components; this is especially important when native substrates with desired lattice constants are not available. This article reviews the concepts of metamorphic epitaxy of III-V compound semiconductor materials and examines how they have been applied to the development of advanced transistor devices. These metamorphic devices are expected to be a key enabler of future heterogeneous integrated circuits in which Si and III-V devices are monolithically integrated on a wafer scale using complementary metal oxide semiconductor-like process flows.

Short TitleMRS Bull.