Magnetoelectric Charge Trap Memory

TitleMagnetoelectric Charge Trap Memory
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsBauer, U, Przybylski, M, Kirschner, J, Beach, GSD
JournalNano Letters
Pagination1437 - 1442
Date Published2012/03//

It is demonstrated that a charge-trapping layer placed in proximity to a ferromagnetic metal enables efficient electrical and optical control of the metal's magnetic properties. Retention of charge trapped inside the charge-trapping layer provides nonvolatility to the magnetoelectric effect and enhances its efficiency by an order of magnitude. As such, an engineered charge-trapping layer can be used to realize the magnetoelectric equivalent to today's pervasive charge trap flash memory technology. Moreover, by supplying trapped charges optically instead of electrically, a focused laser beam can be used to imprint the magnetic state into a continuous metal film.