Instruction Online: Core Components for Re-Use

TitleInstruction Online: Core Components for Re-Use
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsYaron, D, Karabinos, M, Leinhardt, G, Greeno, J, Davenport, J, McLaren, B, Bartolo, L, Portman, J, Ashe, C, Carter, WCraig, Sadoway, DR
EditorBelford, RE, Moore, JW, Pence, HE
Book TitleEnhancing Learning with Online Resources, Social Networking, and Digital Libraries
Pagination235 - 262

This chapter reflects on our development of technology for chemical education over the past one and a half decades. We begin by identifying those features of educational components that hold the greatest promise for education. Although there are many advantages to be gained by moving existing instructional approaches online, via online lectures and practice problems, the greatest potential likely lies in using technology to fundamentally change the nature of the explanations and practice. Digital libraries have the potential to enable such fundamental change by engaging a large community of educators in the creation and refinement of educational components. From a technical perspective, this requires the use of technologies that allow instructors to easily create and modify interactive content. From a broader perspective, this requires using the experience gained from classroom use of the components to iteratively improve the content. We close this chapter with four design principles that have emerged from our past work, which we illustrate by showing how these principles have influenced our most recent curriculum development efforts.