Host-Guest Self-assembly in Block Copolymer Blends

TitleHost-Guest Self-assembly in Block Copolymer Blends
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsPark, WIk, Kim, YJ, Jeong, JWon, Kim, K, Yoo, J-K, Hur, YHyung, Kim, JMin, Thomas, EL, Alexander-Katz, A, Jung, YSik
JournalScientific Reports
Date Published2013/11/12/

Ultrafine, uniform nanostructures with excellent functionalities can be formed by self-assembly of block copolymer (BCP) thin films. However, extension of their geometric variability is not straightforward due to their limited thin film morphologies. Here, we report that unusual and spontaneous positioning between host and guest BCP microdomains, even in the absence of H-bond linkages, can create hybridized morphologies that cannot be formed from a neat BCP. Our self-consistent field theory (SCFT) simulation results theoretically support that the precise registration of a spherical BCP microdomain (guest, B-b-C) at the center of a perforated lamellar BCP nanostructure (host, A-b-B) can energetically stabilize the blended morphology. As an exemplary application of the hybrid nanotemplate, a nanoring-type Ge2Sb2Te5 (GST) phase-change memory device with an extremely low switching current is demonstrated. These results suggest the possibility of a new pathway to construct more diverse and complex nanostructures using controlled blending of various BCPs.