High temperature nanoindentation for the study of flow defects

TitleHigh temperature nanoindentation for the study of flow defects
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsSchuh, CA, Mason, JK, Lund, AC, Hodge, AM
EditorWahl, KJ, Huber, N, Mann, AB, Bahr, DF, Cheng, YT
Book TitleFundamentals of Nanoindentation and Nanotribology III
Pagination153 - 158

Our recent progress in elevated temperature nanoindentation is reviewed, with an emphasis on the study of discrete events (i.e., pop-in phenomena) observed during nanoindentation. For crystalline materials the incipient plasticity problem is associated with the nucleation of dislocations, an effect which we show to be significantly temperature dependent. For metallic glasses it is the operation of individual shear bands beneath the indenter that gives rise to pop-in events; here we also show this to be a temperature dependent phenomenon. Approaches to extract the activation volume and energy of defects involved in plastic flow beneath the indenter are also briefly described.