Enhanced energy transport in genetically engineered excitonic networks

TitleEnhanced energy transport in genetically engineered excitonic networks
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsPark, H, Heldman, N, Rebentrost, P, Abbondanza, L, Iagatti, A, Alessi, A, Patrizi, B, Salvalaggio, M, Bussotti, L, Mohseni, M, Caruso, F, Johnsen, HC, Fusco, R, Foggi, P, Scudo, PF, Lloyd, S, Belcher, AM
JournalNature Materials
Pagination211 - +
Date Published2016/02//

One of the challenges for achieving efficient exciton transport in solar energy conversion systems is precise structural control of the light-harvesting building blocks. Here, we create a tunable material consisting of a connected chromophore network on an ordered biological virus template. Using genetic engineering, we establish a link between the inter-chromophoric distances and emerging transport properties. The combination of spectroscopy measurements and dynamic modelling enables us to elucidate quantum coherent and classical incoherent energy transport at room temperature. Through genetic modifications, we obtain a significant enhancement of exciton diffusion length of about 68% in an intermediate quantum-classical regime.