Automated in Situ Measurement of Gas Solubility in Liquids with a Simple Tube-in-Tube Reactor

TitleAutomated in Situ Measurement of Gas Solubility in Liquids with a Simple Tube-in-Tube Reactor
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsZhang, J, Teixeira, AR, Zhang, H, Jensen, KF
JournalAnalytical Chemistry
Pagination8524 - 8530
Date Published2017/08/15/
ISBN Number0003-2700
Keywordscarbon-dioxide, diffusion, hydrogen, low-pressure solubility, nitrogen, solvents, temperature ionic liquids, transport, water

Data on the solubilities of gases in liquids are foundational for assessing a variety of multiphase separations and gas liquid reactions. Taking advantage of the tube-in-tube reactor design built with semipermeable Teflon AF-2400 tubes, liquids can be rapidly saturated without direct contacting of gas and liquid. The gas solubility can be determined by performing steady-state flux balances of both the gas and liquid flowing into the reactor system. Using this type of reactor, a fully automated strategy has been developed for the rapid in situ measurement of gas solubilities in liquids. The developed strategy enables precise gas solubility measurements within 2-5 min compared with 4-5 h using conventional methods. This technique can be extended to the discrete multipoint steady-state and continuous ramped-multipoint data acquisition methods. The accuracy of this method has been validated against several gas liquid systems, showing less than 2% deviation from known values. Finally, this strategy has been extended to measure the temperature dependence of gas solubilities in situ and to estimate the local enthalpy of dissolution across a defined temperature range.

Short TitleAnal. Chem.