Application of Modeling to the Development of an Electrochemical Pilot Cell

TitleApplication of Modeling to the Development of an Electrochemical Pilot Cell
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsAllanore, A, Lavelaine, H, Xuan, W
JournalRevue De Metallurgie-Cahiers D Informations Techniques
Pagination440 - 454
Date Published2009/10//

The hydrodynamcis in an electrolosis pilot-cell has been modelled with the aim of upscalling the direct iron product process based on the alkaline electrolysis of an iron oxide suspension. Two dispersed phase flow involved in this three-phase process have been evaluated: the solid and the gas phase hydrodynamics. The suspension flow characteristics are evaluated form existing litterature, and available correlations are applied to the case under study. The minimum velocity required for transportation of finely ground iron oxide along the cathode surface si fairly low, in the laminar regime, corresponding to minimum pressure drop. The behaviour of the oxygen phase produced on the anode is evaluated in at two scales. First, the trajectory of a single bubble sliding on the anode is depicted, predicting possible rising or dragging of the bubbles a so function of its diameter. The gas-phase pattern is the studied form litterature results for gas-liquid flow if no pipes. A separation of the gas phase from the liquid is predicted, the lightest phase being in contact with the upper part of the cell. Obtained results confirm the potential of the selected design for transportation of particles and gas recovery with low consumption.