Anion-redox nanolithia cathodes for Li-ion batteries

TitleAnion-redox nanolithia cathodes for Li-ion batteries
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsZhu, Z, Kushima, A, Yin, Z, Qi, L, Amine, K, Lu, J, Li, J
JournalNature Energy
Date Published2016/07/25/
ISBN Number2058-7546
Keywordscapacity, disproportionation, li-o-2 batteries, lini0.5mn1.5o4, lithium superoxide, mobility, oxygen battery

The development of lithium-air batteries is plagued by a high potential gap (>1.2 V) between charge and discharge, and poor cyclability due to the drastic phase change of O-2 (gas) and Ox- (condensed phase) at the cathode during battery operations. Here we report a cathode consisting of nanoscale amorphous lithia (nanolithia) confined in a cobalt oxide, enabling charge/discharge between solid Li2O/Li2O2/LiO2 without any gas evolution. The cathode has a theoretical capacity of 1,341 Ah kg(-1), a mass density exceeding 2.2 g cm(-3), and a practical discharge capacity of 587 Ah kg(-1) at 2.55V versus Li/Li+. It also displays stable cycling performance (only 1.8% loss after 130 cycles in lithium-matched full-cell tests against Li4Ti5O12 anode), as well as a round-trip overpotential of only 0.24V. Interestingly, the cathode is automatically protected from O-2 gas release and overcharging through the shuttling of self-generated radical species soluble in the carbonate electrolyte.

Short TitleNat. Energy