Angle-selective perfect absorption with two-dimensional materials

TitleAngle-selective perfect absorption with two-dimensional materials
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsZhu, L, Liu, F, Lin, H, Hu, J, Yu, Z, Wang, X, Fan, S
JournalLight-Science & Applications
Date Published2016/03//
ISBN Number2047-7538
Keywordsangle-selective perfect absorption, angle-selective thin optical element, broad-band, electrooptic modulator, gated graphene, graphene, heterostructure, high-responsivity, mid-infrared, nanophotonics, optical modulator, plasmons, room-temperature, two-dimensional materials, ultrafast graphene photodetector

Two-dimensional (2D) materials have great potential in photonic and optoelectronic devices. However, the relatively weak light absorption in 2D materials hinders their application in practical devices. Here, we propose a general approach to achieve angle-selective perfect light absorption in 2D materials. As a demonstration of the concept, we experimentally show giant light absorption by placing large-area single-layer graphene on a structure consisting of a chalcogenide layer atop a mirror and achieving a total absorption of 77.6% in the mid-infrared wavelength range (similar to 13 mu m), where the graphene contributes a record-high 47.2% absorptivity of mid-infrared light. Construction of such an angle-selective thin optical element is important for solar and thermal energy harvesting, photo-detection and sensing applications. Our study points to a new opportunity to combine 2D materials with photonic structures to enable novel device applications.

Short TitleLight-Sci. Appl.