Aligned Sub-10-nm Block Copolymer Patterns Templated by Post Arrays

TitleAligned Sub-10-nm Block Copolymer Patterns Templated by Post Arrays
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsChang, J-B, Son, JGon, Hannon, AF, Alexander-Katz, A, Ross, CA, Berggren, KK
JournalAcs Nano
Pagination2071 - 2077
Date Published2012/03//

Self-assembly of block copolymer films can generate useful periodic nanopatterns, but the self-assembly needs to be templated to impose long-range order and to control pattern registration with other substrate features. We demonstrate here the fabrication of aligned sub-10-nm line width patterns with a controlled orientation by using lithographically formed post arrays as templates for a 16 kg/mol poly(styrene-block-dimethylsiloxane) (PS-b-PDMS) diblock copolymer. The in-plane orientation of the block copolymer cylinders was controlled by varying the spacing and geometry of the posts, and the results were modeled using 3D self-consistent field theory. This work illustrates how arrays of narrow lines with specific in-plane orientation can be produced, and how the post height and diameter affect the self-assembly.