Accelerating ferroic ageing dynamics upon cooling

TitleAccelerating ferroic ageing dynamics upon cooling
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsZhang, J, Mao, Y, Wang, D, Li, J, Wang, Y
JournalNpg Asia Materials
Date Published2016/10//
ISBN Number1884-4049
Keywordsalloys, martensitic transformations, relaxor ferroelectrics, spin-glass, strain glass, systems, transition

Once a structural glass is formed, its relaxation time will increase exponentially with decreasing temperature. Thus, the glass has little chance of transforming into a crystal upon further cooling to zero Kelvin. However, a spontaneous transition upon cooling from amorphous to long-range ordered ferroic states has been observed experimentally in ferroelastic, ferroelectric and ferromagnetic materials. The origin for this obvious discrepancy is discussed here conceptually. We present a combined theoretical and numerical study of this phenomenon and show that the diffusive and displacive atomic processes that take place in structural glass and amorphous ferroics, respectively, lead to markedly different temperature-dependent relaxation behaviors, one being 'colder is slower' and the other being 'colder is faster'.

Short TitleNPG Asia Mater.