Samuel Allen

POSCO Professor Emeritus of Physical Metallurgy
BE Metallurgy, Stevens Institute of Technology, 1970
SM Metallurgy, MIT, 1971
PhD Metallurgy, MIT, 1975
Room 4-132


(617) 253-6939


(617) 252-1773


  • Metallurgy
  • Structural Materials


Prof. Allen's research programs involve a combination of theoretical modeling and experimental studies relating to solid-solid phase transformations and the evolution of microstructure in materials. Much of his work has been devoted to the study of order-disorder transformations and structure-property relations of alloys, including studies of deformation of intermetallic compounds, the structure and properties of interfaces, and the use of computer-calculated phase equilibria for solving practical alloy design problems.

His current research includes development of ferromagnetic shape-memory alloys for applications in high-stroke actuators, and the study of Ti–Ta alloys for medical implants. He is  also interested in the art and craft of blacksmithing, and he has co-taught the freshman advising seminar, 3.A04 Physical Metallurgy, since 1986.

Ellen Swallow Richards, MIT’s first alumna, was the wife of Robert H. Richards, the first head of Course III.