METLAB: The Laboratory for Physical Metallurgy

The Metallography Facilities are in 4-421.

Parts of the Metlab:


Metallographic Equipment. Struers Rotopol, Rotopol-with-Pedemat, and Tegrapol: $15 per hour; Struers Prontopress, Buehler press, or cold mounting: $15 per hour; Microscopy: $15 per hour, Centrifuge: no charge yet.


Box and tube furnaces: $15 per hour; Hydrogen (CM) furnace: $40 per hour; Oxy-Hydrogen torch/Quartz ampoule encapsulation: $45 per hour; Rolling ball mill: $15 per hour, to a maximum of $60 per calendar month.


Instron machines: $25 per hour; LECO Hardness tester: $35 per hour

There will be a 50% additional charge for assisted use and for training. There will be an additional 60.5% overhead charge for personal or non-MIT use. Outside use can be paid via checks payable to MIT, and invoices for outside charges can be issued once a month.

If you use the facilities without logging your time, we may ban you from the lab, or bill your account extra. If you leave the lab especially messy, we reserve the right to bill your account for our time spent cleaning it up. Please endeavor to leave the lab cleaner than you found it.

Please contact Shaymus Hudson or with any questions regarding training, lab access, maintenance, supplies, equipment reservations and scheduling, supplies, et cetera.


The Materials Project, an open database of properties allowing researchers to explore and select the right materials for their needs, is the brainchild of Professor Gerd Ceder.