Sadoway and Ambri get a Shout Out during MIT Energy Conference

March 9, 2017

Professor Donald Sadoway and his company Ambri are working on finding solutions to energy storage in order to improve renewable energy production services. In this MIT News article, they received a shout-out for their contributions to the field. 

"One promising new entry in that sector is Ambri, a company developing grid-scale batteries based on all-liquid active components, a technology developed at MIT in the lab of Donald Sadoway, the John F. Elliott Professor in Materials Science and Engineering. Dana Guernsey, Ambri’s director of corporate development, said that “one of the exciting reasons to be in this industry” is the potential to open up electrification “in places where there is no grid at all. Storage systems will electrify parts of the world that have been dark,” by enabling the construction of small, localized “microgrids” that can serve villages, schools, or small businesses." - MIT News

At the Friday evening “Energy Showcase,” participants tried out a virtual reality demonstration put on by Shell, one of the conference sponsors.

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