Re-creating the Oscars: A Materials Science Story

February 25, 2016


"When the 88th Academy Awards are presented Sunday night to honor outstanding films, the statuettes will be a little different. And that is thanks to a return to tradition—paired with 21stcentury materials science technology—in a project led by Richard Polich SM ’65, who runs the fine arts foundry, Polich Tallix, in upstate New York.

Polich, who earned his MIT degree in metallurgy and worked with Professor Merton Flemings ’51, SM ’52, ScD ’54 at the MIT Foundry, was chosen by the academy because of his decades of successfully fabricating challenging projects from massive sculptures like Jeff Koons’ gleaming stainless steel Rabbit in 1986 to public monuments like the Korean War Veterans Memorial in Washington, DC, in 1995. He even built a 24-foot-tall bronze horse based on recently discovered sketches by Leonardo Da Vinci." - Slice of MIT

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