Promotions to Assoc. Prof

February 23, 2016

Professors Polina Anikeeva and JJ Hu are promoted to Associate Professors! Congratulations! 

Professor Polina Anikeeva joined our faculty in 2011. She holds the Class of 1942 Career Development Professorship. Her research is at the interface of materials science, electronics, and neurobiology with the goal of advancing understanding and treatment of disorders of the nervous system. Her group designs, synthesizes, and fabricates optoelectronic and magnetic devices that manipulate and record neuronal activity and development.

Professor JJ Hu came to MIT in 2015 from the University of Delaware where he was a tenure-track assistant professor. He holds the Merton C. Flemings Career Development Professorship. His research is in multifunctional photonic integration which he applied to address new applications and needs in environmental monitoring, renewable energy harvesting, communications, and biotechnology. 

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