Prof. Grossman joins MIT faculty

August 24, 2009

Prof. Jeffrey Grossman, formerly of the University of California, Berkeley, has recently joined the DMSE faculty, assuming a position that is the result of an interdepartmental search organized by the School of Engineering, for faculty pursuing energy research. Prof. Grossman's area of expertise is computational materials science and engineering with a focus on energy. His group uses theory and simulation to gain fundamental understanding, develop new insights based on this understanding, and then use these insights to develop new materials with improved properties – working closely with experimental groups at each step. While the focus of the group is primarily on materials with applications in energy conversion and storage, the group also works on problems related to surface phenomena, nano-mechanical phenomena, and synthesis and assembly. The research program includes a strong emphasis on a multidisciplinary approach in order to expand the scientific possibilities beyond any one discipline or field. Prof. Grossman's presence further enhances MIT's and DMSE’s strong computational materials group and furthers its work in the energy research that is so critical today.

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