Prof. Gibson to present Wulff Lecture

October 26, 2011

Cellular Materials in Engineering, Nature, and Medicine

Prof. Lorna J. Gibson


Tuesday, November 8, 2011
4:30–5:30 pm
Room 10-250
Reception immediately following
Engineering honeycombs and foams, wood, plant stems and leaves, trabecular bone (a porous type of bone), and tissue engineering scaffolds all have a cellular structure that gives rise to unique properties that are exploited in engineering and in medicine. Nature, too, uses cellular materials to provide structural support as well as to conduct fluids. This talk illustrates the wide range of cellular materials and describes how they are used in engineering, nature, medicine.
The Wulff Lecture is an introductory, general-audience, entertaining lecture which serves to educate, inspire, and encourage MIT undergraduates to take up study in the field of materials science and engineering and related fields. The entire MIT community, particularly freshmen, is invited to attend. The Wulff Lecture honors the late Professor John Wulff, a skilled, provocative, and entertaining teacher who inaugurated a new approach to teaching the popular freshman subject: 3.091 Introduction to Solid State Chemistry.

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