"Materials Engineer" added to Occupations list in MIT Infinite Connection

September 17, 2017

What do people do with a degree in materials science and engineering? Overall, this is the most common question at DMSE events during Family Weekend, Campus Preview Weekend, and Choose a Major Fair. As you all know, the inverse is really the question: what don’t our graduates do? DMSE alums are active in diverse career fields, around the world: Industry leadership, R&D, academia, law, government, and more.

SUMS officers have been working on finding answers to this question, and they are especially interested in hearing from you. They (and the DMSE grad students) invite you to meet with them if you are in Cambridge. Please consider taking time for a casual conversation with a few students, participating in a panel discussion, or joining them for a meal — sharing your life experience and perspective is invaluable.

Also, we ask you to visit alum.mit.edu to update your profile — after a plaintive appeal, the Alumni Association programmers have added “materials engineering” to the Occupation options. Stand up and be counted!

Also, Course 3 students are creating a listing of alumni career profiles, to be hosted on the DMSE website. If you are willing to be included, please contact sums-exec@mit.edu or gmc-alumni@mit.edu

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