Making a pledge for the climate with our careers

September 26, 2017

Jeremy Poindexter, a graduate student in DMSE, recently published a piece titled "Making a pledge for the climate with our careers" in The Tech.

"As I enter my fifth year as a PhD student at MIT and contemplate my post-graduation career trajectory, I chuckle when rereading these old words of mine, originally written five years ago when composing Statements of Purpose for graduate school applications. I chuckle not just because these words reinvigorate and remind me why I remain passionate about studying solar energy. I also chuckle at the innocent and simplistic notion that ending social injustice need not be prioritized right now, as if technology alone were capable of removing most burdens carried by the underprivileged." - The Tech

Photo of Jeremy Poindexter

Read the full article here!

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